My face is itchy.
I need to stop staying up so late. >:(

Dani @ 12:56 a.m. on Sunday, November 26, 2006 //

Oh fuck you.
Wonderful. I'm going hungry again...

=x I have a lack of food.

The first time I starved to death, it was because my dad was out on trips more often and HE'S the one that buys/cooks food. Even though he sucks at it, and I am lazy. My mom had to take care of us, and of course, she's the most stereotypical asian ever-- she won't buy anything unless it's on sale. Wtf. So all we had in the house for like two months was brownies and cookies and chips and shit. Because you mom shops at Costco D:

So I started buying and cooking my own food...I'm good at it now, mind you, which is good because I'll be moving out before I know it. =x

My dad became home more often(ish), so I didn't have to anymore, but I'd gotten used to eating what I want. I'm picky, so the food that he cooks now is just gross >.< Burnt and usually covered in oil, no thanks.

He's gone again now for a Quebec (ew gross). I went shopping last weekend and did my last little shopping trip until Boxing Day ;~; Because I needed some things and I ended up draining my account. It had $10 in it at the time, but it has like 80$ in it now... >__<;; My mom, being the nosy idiot that she is, checks my bankbook every once in a while, and of COURSE it was RIGHT AFTER I BOUGHT MY CDS FHKGHGFSDH

I went to see Tina at work just now and then buy groceries for myself..went to pay, only to find that my fucking debit card was gone.

It was so embarassing. y__y Luckily though, I work there, so they called the head cashier down and asked her to take 40$ off my pay thing for next embarrassing. I held up the line AND I made an idiot of myself at the same time =x

My mom took my card out of my purse, it turns out. God damn it, I'm hungry. Give my money back, you stupid whore.

Dani @ 08:40 p.m. on November 24, 2006 //

This is the Halek entry
Halek is stinky, like poop. But that's okay, because we like him anyways, even if he stinks. ♥

Dani @ 09:01 p.m. on November 22, 2006 //

I fail at keeping up a blog
Soooo. Well. I updated. (Happy, Halek? XD)

I have a lot to say, actually. Tons of stuff has been happening lately.

First of all...well. Huh, just a sec. Let me figure out where I left off.

Ah right. So...since I last updated, I dumped Mr. Faggot. Actually, he more kind of just pissed me off and made me sad so I'm kind of avoiding him right about now. He knows I'm pissed, he does. Pissed to the point of "motherfucking rip-your-balls-off pissed" if you get what I'm saying. Yep. Til he fixes what he's done, he's being ignored and shunned and guilt tripped for the rest of EVER.

When I say "ever" I mean EVER. I am GOOD at GUILT-TRIPPING. AHAAHAHA, HAHAA. Faggot.

After that...I think it was October 20th? I sang in a show. I think I told everyone that reads this about that anyways. I sang Cardigan Weather by Meg & Dia, and it was kind of fun, actually. Helped with the "OMFG PISSED AT JASON" situation. Good stress reliever. Yes. Anyways, so I guess someone from Aporia Records saw us and they're impressed now. Us meaning myself on vocals, Thrist on guitar, and Justin on backup guitar...there was a backup vocal girl but I don't even know what her name is and I feel terrible. But anyways. Yeah, they liked found Anisa's phone number (...what, she wasn't in the show) and called her up, looking for us. LOL. It was kind of interesting. She called me at like 7 or 8 or something freaking out on the phone because a record label was interested in us.

Of course, I'm not really interested in THEM. I mean, it's an amazing oppurtunity and not everyone gets to have a chance to do something like that, but I'm not really into performing and singing for other people...I like it, I do. But not for other people. :] I'm selfish, I guess, but whatever. I'm still debating on whether to take this up or not, because Justin seems kind of interested. :/ Thrist and I most certainly are not, but that's me and Thrist...we're little quiet kids, ahahaaha.

Well...that's pretty much all that's been happening today. Boring, huh? Yeah...not really

Oh GOD i got my report card today. I fail so bad at everything. AT EVERYTHING. AGHGHAFJK

My average: 71.8 PERCENT NOOOOooo!11

English 74% (WHAT THE FUCK??!1!?)
Gym 93% (WELL THAT'S GOOD but it's also my only 90...sob...)
Programming 77% DDDDDD:
World Religions 85% well that's not..bad...I guess...
Psychology 76% T____T
Co-op 51% !???1?1? MR. BROWN YOU SACK O SHIT GIMME MY 99%!!!11fhg


Dani @ 01:48 p.m. on November 22, 2006 //

I suppose this is where I write about myself, but I'll do it later cos I'm lazyyyy.